Real stories from our community of health & wellness enthusiasts 

My motto is “create healthy habits not restrictions. I need variety in my life not restrictions”. I love to meal plan and am consistently learning to instill healthy habits in my life but at the same time I love trying new things.  Belovist has taught me that I can live a healthy life and be flexible with my diet and exercise choices.  As a nurse, my occupation drives me to live what I preach.  I think it’s important to recognize what you love and what drives you. This will help you meet your health and wellness goals. 


Love, Becca

Lacey, Fitness Enthusiast

When I first met the ladies of Belovist I was inspired to step up my game and to explore the capabilities of my own body. Fitness doesn't have to be an individual sport.

Miranda, Fitness Enthusiast

To me lifting is more than just a hobby or something I do for fun. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, it’s what drives me to be a better person and accomplish my goals in life”. I can’t help feel a sense of gratefulness for becoming the strongest version of myself with the support of friends and like-minded people.

Tera, Fitness Enthusiast

The greatest achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval.