fueled by PASSION

to Guide, Educate, & Motivate


Belovist is a community of health entrepreneurs and enthusiasts gathering their expertise of health, fitness, and nutrition to help educate, motivate and inspire those looking to begin or expand their journey of health and wellness.

Belovist was derived from the belief that everyone is loved by God and that as we begin to love ourselves we can find the motivation from deep within to implement healthy changes in our lives.  This motivation to start the journey is spurred on by a desire for a better quality of life and then is groomed by habits, facilitated by discipline, and eventually manifested into a passion for health.  Ultimately it becomes a new passion for life. 


Health looks different for everyone, as every one of us are on a different journey. Some are looking to begin their journey, some are searching for quality products to accelerate their health and wellness, and others are looking for accountability and community. Belovist is a blueprint to guide, direct, and to inspire change.

We offer at home work out plans, gym catered workout plans, customizable workout plans, and nutritional plans. 


Meet our team of health & wellness enthusiasts.  We are thrilled to help you get started or to further your fitness journey.  

We believe that life's journey is better when health and wellness is a key ingredient, and we believe that the path to wellness is made easier with the right support and product.